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Taking Care Of A Home Gym
09 January 2014
Taking Care Of A Home Gym

Home gyms are a luxury and should be taken very good care of. There is no doubt that a home gym has a vast number of advantages over public gyms. You can have the gym of your dreams, designed and furnished to your exact specifications and have a piece of equipment you may desire. Home gyms don’t have an opening and closing time that you have to stick to and nor do they have many other people around using the machine you want to use. You don’t have to worry about other people using your machine first and leaving it all sweaty nor do you have to worry about when the last time the equipment was sterilised. Owning your own home gym should encourage you to clean it more often and keep it well maintained and smelling fresh.

What type of cleaning product should I use?
There are a number of different cleaners that are suitable for home gym equipment. You must remember that where you clean will then later be in contact with your skin again so it should be a fairly weak solution. If you have very sensitive skin, look for a natural cleaning product. This will not be harmful to the skin as well as not compromising its cleaning abilities. Cleaning products come in bottles, sprays and wipes. Any of these are fine to use but each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Wipes for example are very easy to use. You take one out of the pack, wipe down the machine and then throw it away. Although these are very quick and easy to use, they can also be a lot more expensive than liquid cleaner and will run out much quicker too. Sprays are better value for money but require slightly more effort and time as you need to wipe it all off again. You can give them all a try and decide for yourself which you prefer before settling on one.

Where should I clean and how often should I clean it?
After using each machine, you should wipe down anywhere you have been contacting. On some machines these will only be the screen and the heart rate bars where as other machines you will be in contact with many more points such as seats, bars, weights and mats. At the end of each week you should clean the rest of the room. Wipe down all machines, weights and mats thoroughly from top to bottom, even if it hasn’t been in contact with you or any sweat such as the base and frame of the machine or the screen. Remember to wipe down all free weights and brackets. This leaves all machines looking clean and well maintained. As you go around all of the machines, check they are all working properly and get them fixed as soon as possible if not.

The floor isn’t a part of the gym but should still be cleaned weekly. When you work out, sweat will drip down and land on the floor making it slippery and leaving sweat marks. Because of this, you should sterilise the floor using regular floor cleaner and vacuuming as well as just using a mop to collect up any dust or large particles.
Gyms get very smelly but because there aren’t a large number of users in home gyms, the smell should be easier to take control of. Obviously some odour is expected but just cracking open a window or using an air freshener should do the job at keeping those odours at bay.

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