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Prevent Scratching When Cleaning Hard Flooring
15 May 2014
Prevent Scratching When Cleaning Hard FlooringWhen choosing the flooring in your home, it is essential that you consider the implications that cleaning it may have. The upkeep of the flooring is very important in terms of keeping the floor looking great, but if you are not careful whilst you are cleaning it, you may well be at risk of worsening the look of the floor, as the potential for water damage, scratching and other marks will be present in the cleaning process, through the various techniques that are used in the cleaning process. Out of the dangers that you need to watch out for, the main concern will likely be with scratching, as the damage is more obvious, and if it goes unnoticed then it can make the threat of water and chemical damage much more likely. Scratches will not only be a visible issue; you will find that the results of scratching can be to take off the protective varnish that covers the floor. This is particularly likely in nicer wood flooring, where the floor needs to be treated with a hard varnish. If this is scratched away during cleaning, and through general wear and tear, then you will find that water from cleaning and spills will get in to the wood through these openings in the varnish, and the damage that water can do will be pretty problematic. Water damage will often spread wider than the scratched areas that it penetrates through, and you will need to heavily sand the floor to get rid of the stains that it makes as it dries. One way to ensure that you are avoiding scratches is to maintain the floor’s surface with a decent varnish. The upkeep of your flooring goes beyond the cleaning process, and you should be aware that the varnish and protective measures that you use will make for a much easier to clean floor, that will look better for longer than a bare floor. Be sure that you clean the flooring properly before you varnish or spray it, as you don’t want to trap dirt in the surface, as this will make it look permanently dirty!Another major factor in scratching is the debris that lies on the floor’s surface. You will find that small stones and little bits of hard dirt will find their way in to the room on people’s shoes, and these can be the major players in scratching, as they get dragged along the surface of the floor and dig in to the top layer of the material. When you are mopping, these smaller bits will get in with the mop head, and do a similar job in scratching as you push the mop around whilst cleaning. To avoid this, you simply need to vacuum or sweep the area well before you even get the mop out of the cupboard! Be sure to do so well, as missing anything could mean that you are further ‘spider scratching’ the floor under a false sense of security! Another good way to avoid scratching your hard flooring whilst cleaning is to use a specialist non-scratching mop head. This will usually be made from micro fiber materials that will be extremely soft and will also prevent the picking up of the sorts of debris that would scratch your floors. It is easy to prevent scratching on your hard floors when you are cleaning, so be sure to think about how you go about the process when you are cleaning.

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