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Make Spring Cleaning Stress Free with These Tips
24 October 2014
Make Spring Cleaning Stress Free with These TipsThe sun is shining through the clouds, the flowers are blooming in the field and the birds are tweeting outside in the trees. Yes, it is spring time. With the unpredictable spring time weather offering days of glorious sun or constant rain, you are certain to find time to rejuvenate you home with a much needed spring clean. So if you have been hanging onto that old lounge suite for too long, have a closet full of clothes for the ‘just in case’ moments, or have had to buy a new shelving unit for your overflowing books, a spring clean may be well on the agenda. This list of handy tips will assist you room by room with your house cleaning overhaul.Here are 10 smart tips to get your springtime household cleaning started (and completed faster) so you can have more time enjoy the spring time outdoors.1. Floors: vacuum, polish, mop or steam clean your floors depending on the surface type. Save this step for the end of your spring clean for the finishing touch. There is little point doing this first, as other elements of household cleaning may result in mess accumulating on the floors.2. Windows: wash the windows on the outside and the inside. Pay particular attention to the dust gathering on the window sills. Wash, dust and polish the windowsills.3. Dust light bulb: this step is also a chance to replace any light bulbs if required. Nonetheless, remove light bulbs and dust them thoroughly. This will enhance lighting in the room and reduce risk of any electrical faults occurring from dust particles building up in the wiring.4. Update bed linen: not only should you change the bed linen currently in use, but also go through the linen press. Any bedding sheets or covers that are stained, ripped or torn beyond repair should be replaced. Don’t leave it on the backburner as something to get to later – just replace them and start afresh.5. Refrigerator: cleaning out the fridge of food gone off should be done weekly, but use spring cleaning as a chance to really clean the insides of the fridge. Take everything out and clean each shelf thoroughly. Make sure you clean right at the back to remove any mould build-up before it occurs. 6. Restock cleaning supplies: whether you buy cleaning products or make your own, take this chance to check all your supplies. Any empty bottles should be refilled or thrown out. 7. Deep clean rugs: rugs often get neglected in weekly household cleaning, so use spring time as a reminder to deep clean the rugs and thoroughly remove any dust, dirt, pet hair, grease and grime spills or anything else that has been lying on the rug all winter long.8. Curtains: vacuum, dust, and if possible take curtains down and wash them in the washing machine. Do this at least once a year to maintain colour and lessen reduction in the fabric quality.9. Batteries: time to replace the batteries in everything you can think of. Even if the batteries aren’t running flat, they could be close to it so replace as them as a pre-emptive measure. Check remote controls, torches, smoke detectors, battery run clocks etc.10. Drawers: desk drawers, wardrobe drawers, kitchen drawers, bathroom drawers. You probably have drawers in every room so systematically work through them one room at a time. De-clutter, re-organise, and realise how much space potential you’ve been wasting in drawers by allowing things to accumulate!

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