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Make Domestic Cleaning a Regular Thing
14 October 2013
Make Domestic Cleaning a Regular Thing

Many people seem to be completely terrified of cleaning their homes! The number of people who either leave it off for ages, or hire a cleaner is pretty staggering, given how little work is actually involved. Many will notice that the cleaner takes a good few hours to clean the house, but you must remember than this is because it is done in one sitting every week, or even every other week. If the clean was divided up, the actual tasks that are being undertaken will rarely take longer than half an hour or so. If you could work the various half hours in to the rest of the week, then you would likely find that the cleaning no longer becomes a scary prospect, but is rather more part of your regular time table.

The fact of the matter is that there are many ways in which regular cleaning will make your life easier, which is likely the opposite of how you will view it at first. Most people decide that the cleaning takes ages because whenever they have undertaken the task it has indeed taken a long time. The fact is however, that it is only with regular cleaning that the task will take less time, due to the ‘periodic cleaning cycle’ which is a most vicious thing. The cleaning is often put off because the inhabitant of the place presumes that it will take ages. Once the smell or dust becomes too much, the person will then set aside a weekend and clean the place. This will take ages and be extremely boring, because the time that has elapsed since the last clean is now so long that the dirt has built up to the point where it is a real challenge to get rid of it all. Hence the person has a hard time, and does not want to undergo such a challenge any time soon. If that person where to do this process every week, then the clean would take less time each time they enacted it, which begs the question, why are we not all cleaning every week?

Making the clean part of your everyday processes is not that difficult. You merely need to work out when you have time to do things. When you get home on a Monday evening, what is the first thing you do? If you have work to catch up on then it may well be that, but it is more likely to be flopping on the sofa for an hour before you make yourself dinner. Instead of having an hour of flopping, why not put a favorite album on and clean the living room for half an hour. Unless you live in a palace, this will likely be all that you need to hoover, dust and plump the cushions up. You will likely have finished the cleaning before the record has even finished, which will mean that time feels like it passes rather quickly.

If you are in a position where you can do something like this every evening, then you can get the whole place done easily every evening. The clean will take less time every time as well, as with the removal of dirt from the carpet and sides, you will only have to pass over them quickly in order to get the place to a standard that you are happy with each time. Hopefully this method will work for you, but it will only be useful if you stick to it!