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Cleaning Your Mobile Phone, Tablet And Laptop
26 September 2014
Cleaning Your Mobile Phone, Tablet And LaptopWe all love our technological gadgets, but as we use our tech items every single day it’s easy for them to become covered in bacteria, dirt and unseen grime. It’s important for you to ensure that your mobile phone, tablet and laptop are as clean as possible to prevent the spread of bacteria in and around your home. If you want some cleaning tips to keep your gadgets and gizmos clean then here’s some helpful advice to get you off to the best start! 1)    How to clean your laptop.-    If you want to thoroughly clean your laptop then there are a few items that you’re going to need. A can of compressed air is the ideal tool to clear dust from your vents and to dislodge grime and muck from your keyboard. For a thorough and proper clean you might want to invest in a small screwdriver kit, which you can use to dismantle your laptop to clean the components individually. Always get your laptop instruction manual or look online for advice regarding your specific make and model if you’re going to take your laptop apart safely and successfully.-    Start by turning your laptop off. Remove the keys and use the can of compressed air to clean the keyboard and each individual key.-    Remove the battery and use the compressed air to cleanse around the battery compartment. Make sure to follow the instructions on the can to prevent damage.-    Clean any other vents or small areas of your laptop using the compressed air.-    Take an antibacterial agent that’s safe for use on technological pieces and dab it gently on the areas you wish to sanitise. This should be your keyboard, mouse area and anything else that you regularly touch with your hands or fingers.2)    How to clean your mobile phone.-    If you have a phone case start by removing this.-    Take your can of compressed air and spray your headphone jack, charging port and anything else in which dirt can become trapped.-    Take your sanitising spray and, using a soft cloth, gently dab at the keys, screen, and any other sections that you want sanitised.-    Remove the battery if possible and clean the compartment with your can of compressed air.-    Cleanse your phone case using your cleaning agent and a soft cloth. For hard-to-reach corners or areas try using a cotton bud.3)    How to clean your tablet.-    You can clean your tablet in the exact same way as you would clean your phone. Use compressed air to get into any holes such as your charging port and use a sanitising agent and soft cloth to cleanse the screen. Make sure you’re using a cleaning product that can be used on touch-screens, and ensure that you’re not using too much!

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