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Cleaning Your Fireplace
28 March 2014
Cleaning Your FireplaceCleaning an entire home can be a tough proposition. When it comes to the bigger homes, that proposition becomes even more daunting and when it comes to features such as a fireplace, many people are completely put off and find themselves calling a professional cleaning service. However, approaching the cleaning for a fireplace is not that difficult, and there are tips and tricks which you can follow which make your handiwork look just like that of a regular professional cleaners. Read on to discover just how you should approach cleaning a fireplace and to discover just how easy the entire process can be. The first step, as it is with most cleaning exercises, is to make sure that you have the right equipment. Cleaning these kinds of things can often be a messy affair, so it is unlikely that you should wear your Sunday best. If you enjoy regular fires, then you will need to wait until at least the morning after the latest fire in order to ensure that all of the heat and the fire have gone and that the setting is ready to be cleaned. Not only are old clothes advised, but rubber gloves can often be hugely helpful. Arrange either old blankets or newspapers along the ground and the floor surrounding the fireplace in order to ensure that your next call will not be to the professional carpet cleaners in order to figure out what is the best way in which to deal with ash while rug cleaning. Plastic clothes and bags can also be useful for protecting the surrounding area and to collect the waste which you collect. In those instances where you have had a fire in the fireplace recently, quickly check for any lingering warmth. Pick through the remaining ashes with a poker or shovel and make sure that no heat remains in the whole fireplace. Now take one of those plastic bags and begin to shovel the collection of ashes in to the bag. Sometimes it can be helpful to use one plastic bag placed inside another for added strength and be sure to check the bag for any holes or cuts which might dribble out ash as you carry it to your bin. It can be worth, at this point, checking the inside of your chimney. If you have an open fireplace, then simply shine a torch light up and check for any issues which might clearly present themselves. For those with self-contained wood burning fires, this will be more difficult and might be worth skipping. Anny issues are likely to be hidden from view by the flue and the bend of the piping which it used to connect the fire to the chimney. When it comes to cleaning the inside of the fireplace, the main tool which you will be using is a stiff haired wire brush. It can be one which is used for cleaned barbeque grills or other metal items, but it will be one which is able to stand a great deal of friction and use. Use the brush to move all of the debris and smaller pieces of ash into a manageable able position and begin to shovel it into the bag. Each time you fill a plastic bag, dispose of it and move on to the next one. Rather than over filling it, it is better to have a larger number of less full bags rather than risk any spillage. You can purchase special fire cleaning chemicals and products for the next step, so simply apply these to the fire and follow the instructions the back while scrubbing with the same brush. Once this is complete, your fire place will be ready and waiting for the next fire.

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