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Cleaning Can be Made to Be Much Less of a Difficulty with a little Planning and Thought
05 November 2013
Cleaning Can be Made to Be Much Less of a Difficulty with a little Planning and Thought

There really is not much about the cleaning process that is difficult. If you give it a bit of thought, what is it that makes it so unappealing? Usually the actual motions and methods involved in cleaning are pretty simple; the difficulty comes in either the repetition and tedium, or the length of time it takes, due to the amount of dirt. Essentially, eliminating the tedium and the time would render the cleaning process in to a series of fairly quick spray, wipe and push motions that will  be of little bother to you, as they take so little of your time and effort up. This is the dream, where the cleaning becomes the sort of small task that you fit in around your life, much like having a shower in the morning, or putting clothes away after they have been washed. Sure, it will never be particularly fun, but at least it is not painful or as boring as previously. The real question of course, is how do you get to that point?

Looking at the difficulties in cleaning from the two perspectives as mentioned above, you can reduce their answers in to two groups. One deals with the tedium, whilst the other deals with the length of time that the cleaning takes. First, look in to how you could reduce your boredom whilst cleaning by thinking about what it is that makes you so bored. Essentially, when cleaning, the whole brain is hardly used. You will be so used to moving your hand back and forth with a sponge over limescale that it ceases to be something that you think about properly. The feeling of boredom comes with the fact that your brain is being used only to focus on something that is dull, and therefore only really considers what else you could be doing. These sorts of thoughts will make the time pass slower, as you will be concentrating on how long things take. The best way to avoid these issues is to distract yourself. Put on a good record, the radio or an audio book and immerse yourself in something that you love. Whether it is music, information or a story, it will give you something to latch on to and will ensure that you are no always thinking about the cleaning at hand. The hope is that you drift off somewhat and get the clean done without even realizing it, which will be a nice surprise when you finish!

The best way to tackle the length of time that the clean takes is to ensure that you are doing things efficiently. This means that you should be using the best equipment, and cleaning as often as possible to reduce the build up of dirt each time you clean. Leaving the dust and dirt to build up will only make your job harder, so hitting it regularly will mean that you do not need to work to get rid of it. Essentially the wipe away method will be your only necessary tool. Ensure that you do larger jobs like the oven more regularly as well and you should find that it no longer poses the same sort of terrifying attributes that it once did in your mind! Using decent equipment will mean that your cleaning is not hindered by malfunction or difficulties in maneuvering, so no more getting tangled up in wires, or lugging the vacuum up the stairs..

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