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Cleaning Can Be Less Pricy That It Seems!
28 November 2013
Cleaning Can Be Less Pricy That It Seems!

You may choose to ignore it, but there is little escaping how expensive cleaning can be. Unfortunately, cleaning is completely essential, as dust and dirt an carry bacteria and allergens that are harmful to you and your family, especially children. You may find that an increase in dust in particular can cause respiratory issues without you even noticing that there is an issue with how clean your house is. So, it is not a case of cleaning less regularly in order to cut costs, but with how you clean. The expense comes with the products that you buy; how sustainable are they, and how often do you have to replace the various tools and cleaners that you use in your home? Taking a new look at how you spend on your clean is a great way to bring to light the ways in which you could be saving money, but some people may want a shove in the right direction. The best way to get this little nudge is to see some of the ways in which you can begin to change your cleaning and spending habits, and this is exactly what is to follow.

First off, take a look at how efficient your ‘cleaning tools’ are. This means the instruments that you use for cleaning, like mops, buckets, dust pans, brushes, vacuum cleaners etcetera. You will likely have had, in your time, a few broken items that you carry on using until they are dead and then thrown out. If you think about these items, they are often plastic rubbish are they not? So why not buy tools that are more durable? Avoid cracked dustpans and ragged mops by getting quality cleaning items that are made from more durable materials like wood and metal. You may end up spending a little more at first, but it will quickly become apparent that your investment is worth it as your tools will last you for a lot longer. Repeatedly buying and binning plastics will also be a massive tax on the environment, as plastics are not easily biodegradable, and mostly end up on landfill sites.

There is a lot to be said for finding alternatives to another set of tools; you cloths. J cloths and paper towels are an extremely expensive way of carrying on with the cleaning, as they are so regularly disposed of! You end up buying things over and over again, then chucking them out the next day. It may not seem like a huge expense at the time, but if you count up the number of sponges and cloths that you have paid for and then binned, you would likely be shocked at what you could have afforded instead! Alternatively, you could take some clothes that need chucking out, and cut them into flannels. These flannels will be durable and do the same job as a cloth, yet can be washed and reused, just like a normal flannel. You will find that they last rather a long time, and can save you a lot of cash in the long run!

Look into how effective certain cleaning products are; expensive brand names can sometimes be trumped by supermarket own brands, or even weird alternatives. Try putting some baking powder and lemon together as a surface cleaner, and see what you think. The results may surprise you with how cheap and effective they are... There are a lot more weird and wonderful recipes for alternate cleaning methods out there, so just get online and have a look!

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